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No Endorsement Policy

MovieMarketCap does not endorse or sponsor any movies or movie related data. It does not advice or advocate users to influence their decision related to movies. Please conduct your own assessment before making any movie choice.

Information accuracy

MovieMarketCap does not hold any responsibility for wrong or missing data related to any movie published in website. All informations are contributed by TMDb, IMDb, OMDb and users just like you. However, we do our best to ensure the accuracy of all data listed on this web platform. All information published in MovieMarketcap is as is. Using our service, you agree and understand that you are using movie data available here at your own risk. In case of any discrepencies, please contact support team via Request Form.

DMCA Policy

Movie Market Cap takes copyright issues seriously. It is our policy to respect the intellectual property of others. Images, data and links published in this website come from MMCStreamL algorithm, third-party API and users like you. MMCStreamL algorithm works like Google's PageRank in terms of indexing and ranking movie links. We do not curate or have ability to curate such links. However, we respond any copyright issues in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act (available at We reserve the right to terminate, suspend or remove the contents alleged to be infringing at our sole discretion. If you believe your content or any content available in this website has been infringed, you can send notice or counter-notice at

Note: To request movies to add or edit, only movies released on current year will be considered valid.

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