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Genre: Comedy, Animation
Rank: 117950
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Market: Hollywood
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Release Date Box Office Budget Rating
April 30, 1932 N/A N/A 3.0/10

Bosko, carrying his hobo stick, travels along the railroad tracks with his dog, Bruno. Unfortunately, they're both on the tracks as they cross a bridge and realize that a train is coming perilously near. They manage to escape via a handcar, which was waiting for them on the tracks. however, once over the bridge, Bruno gets his foot caught near the switch. Bruno escapes, but not before allowing his poor master to think he's dead. Bosko is angry at his pet, but outrage turns to fear when the sound of another train gets them both panicking again. Luckily, the "train whistle" is only the mooing of a cow. The pair's adventures continue as they try to steal a chicken for her eggs. Finally, they end up on a runaway boxcar and have a second encounter with the obnoxious cow.


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