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Genre: Animation, Family
Rank: 117910
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Market: Hollywood
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Release Date Box Office Budget Rating
December 17, 1932 N/A N/A 3.0/10

Mickey is playing Christmas carols on a standup bass for change. Alas, all he gets is screws, rocks, and other useless stuff. He plays outside a rich man's window, and the spoiled brat kid inside decides he wants Pluto. Mickey isn't selling, but when his bass gets destroyed by a passing sleigh and he sees a house full of orphans with no presents, he changes his mind. Mickey plays Santa to the kids. Meanwhile, the brat has been torturing Pluto; his father finally has enough and throws Pluto out and spanks the child. Pluto and Mickey are reunited, and as a bonus, the kid has tied the Christmas turkey to Pluto's tail.


Mickey's Good Deed

Mickey's Good Deed

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