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Genre: Documentary
Rank: 385
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Market: Hollywood
Starring: Emma Lovett
Directed By: Igor Bezinović
Release Date Box Office Budget Rating
May 9, 2018 N/A N/A 2.0/10

Mr. & Mrs. Lovett live out their (sex) lives in full public view in front of a permanently connected webcam, which frames their spartan living room like a human aquarium. This is all we see of their lives - but it's not so little after all. The young couple are driven business people, and they flirt, strip and screw for the benefit of the camera and the customers on the receiving end. The Croatian filmmaker Igor Bezinovic has created a surreal and funny take on a piece of avant-garde 'adult entertainment' from one of the internet's seedy corners. But he also documents a performance culture, which dissolves the boundaries between the private and public spheres and a parallel economy of images. A hedonistic and thoroughly commercialised culture, where supply and demand have taken on an entirely new and absurd meaning.


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